No Big Gulps in NYC, Why the Government Got Involved

No Big Gulps in NYC: Why the government got involved

 By Beth Schuler

Big GulpOne of the biggest problems facing the health of Americans in our country is obesity where sugar is a huge contributor to this growing problem. Local government officials have attempted to ban the sales of sugary drinks that they think will help to resolve the issue of obesity that affects many, particularly children. Although it seems to be a great idea, the question is will it actually stop people from consuming large amounts of soda.

New York City’s Mayor Blumberg attempted to ban the sales of sugary drinks over 16 ounces in restaurants and convenience stores to fight the war on obesity. He argued that studies have proven that people eat what is served them and unfortunately we as a society tend to overeat and drink, the larger the portion size the better is now our norm in this country. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is a strong supporter of Blumberg’s fight against obesity where he attempted to pass a bill to tax the sales of sugary drinks by two cents an ounce. Both of the cities Mayors have great ideas toward the fight against obesity, but will it deter people from buying sugary drinks? 

In my opinion I don’t think it will. People will still have the option to purchase soda and other sugary drinks at the supermarket and nothing can stop them from bringing the drinks to their favorite restaurant or to the movie theater. Mayor Blumberg’s ban against the sugary drinks may be a good attempt to fight obesity, but it is not the answer. In this country we are constantly provided with education on nutrition, fitness and wellness which enables us to make choices to live a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully parents will heed the warning of how soda is one of the contributing factor towards obesity and choose not to purchase soda but to choose healthy alternatives.

This articles was written by Beth Schuler, Nursing Student. Registered Dietitian Approved.

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4 Responses to No Big Gulps in NYC, Why the Government Got Involved

  1. Siobhan May 6, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    Great article Beth! It was very informative, and I enjoyed reading your opinion. It will be interesting to see if those bills become laws and if they end up working. I agree with you though that parents have a big responsibility and need to what’s best for their children.

  2. Rachel P. May 7, 2013 at 12:43 am #

    I agree Beth. We have an abundance of resources to consume healthy, nutritional foods in this country. We also have the information to make healthy food choices. I heard Mayor Blumberg say in an interview that he wanted the American public to realize how much sugar they were consuming. So if they wanted a soft drink over 16 ounces they would have to purchase more than one drink. I think it’s a solid way of putting things into prospective. If you want 32 ounces of a coke you have to purchase two cups, if you wanted a 64 ounce big gulp than you have to purchase four cups. We do live in a country where bigger is considered better. Bigger cars, houses, and meals.

  3. Dawn May 9, 2013 at 2:54 am #

    Beth~great article. It is a shame how kids are getting bigger and bigger it makes you really worry. I know that people will pick what they want but maybe if parents stop buying at much soda at home then the children will pick healthier choices at home. We could only hope that it could be a start.

  4. Jana May 9, 2013 at 10:36 am #

    Kudos to Mayor Blumberg! I, personally, lose my mind sometimes at the ridiculousness of the portions given out in some fast food places. I especially notice over-portioning when I get ice cream with my kid. We almost always order the smallest cup or cone available because they are usually so BIG already. I understand the psychology behind “bigger is better.” As a society we’ve been trained to think so, but I really believe “less is more.” Great article Beth!

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